Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things on my mind

Well, I've been thinking about my mission and that it's ending soon. Already I am getting teary andsad for it to end. I've met some wonderful people on this mission and will miss them greatly. The thing I love most about the time I've spent at the Family History Library, is that my testimoy has grown and I love the spirit that is felt there within it's walls. Helping patrons gives me a great feeling of love, to see how excited they are when they find what they're looking for and they think we're so amazing to have helped them in their search. I'm going to try to extend, but it doesn't look too good right now. However, I can still work at the Temple and I love it there, the spirit is just as wonderful and I love my fellow workers. When I move, I'll be going to Idaho and live with David and Ladelle and get to be closer to their family. I have another Great Granddaughter due in April this year, and I'm looking forward to being close to her. I can't remember if they've picked out a name for her yet. Things are happening for me right now that keeps me busy and thinking all the time. I love my girls and will miss them so much when I leave, it's going to be hard for me.

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  1. Mom , you have been of such great service there! I am sure the Lord will have something else for you to do, another "mission" it may come in a different package, but he will need you none the less:) going to David's will be a great adventure, and I will be up to see you that I can promise! I have been so proud of you and you are a great example to me! You are one amazing servant of the Lord! I love you mom!