Thursday, June 2, 2011

So many blessings

I must have done something right in my life, I have the most amazing family. All my grandkids are great. Here I am living at David's and seeing these grandkids and what they accomplish. Sara is amazing, she is doing so well in school, she's singing in a concert choir here in Nampa, she's working making herself a dress and working on her personal progress and best of all she has a very sweet spirit. The boys are working hard and making it on their own.

Regina's kids are doing great, Rickie has a job he loves and is loving his family, Valerie is talented at working with children. Beth dshas a wonderful family and her Dexter is just the sweetest thing, I can tell by the pictures.

Lisa's boys are keeping busy at school and sports and growing up to be wonderful young men. Michael is coming home from his mission in a month and we're so looking forward to seeing him again. Mike is building their new home which should be finished I would guess by September.

Theresa and her family are doing great, She certainly knows how to make money with the talents she pocesses. She's got a good husband and very smart boys, I know they'll do some great things in their lives.

Dorothy with her sweet spirit will always be a blessing in my life. She's so good to her family and Natalia and Manuel are working hard to take care of their family.

Jim is a go getter and works hard in his business and as usual is always ready to help someone in need. Eddie is right there with him working along side him.

So, what can I say, I feel so blessed. I'm happy with my family, they're the greatest.