Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So now I'm finding out more about my Great Grandfather, Jose Maria Perez. He was 56 years old when he married Maria Sabina Contreras who was 30. They were both married before but their spouses had died. He was widowed 7 months and she for 9 years. I even got their spouses names and will be able to do their work at the Temple soon, but first I must make sure it hasn't been done already.

I'm so glad I made copies of all the records I've found cause I get to go over them again and find more inormation. In fact I think I have some things wrong and so back to the Library I have to go and do more research so I can fix everything. I have one of my Great Great Grandfather down with 15 children, and I think something is wrong. The thing is that so many of these people have the same name and then I find different spouses for them so I have to look again.

These are the joys of doing Genealogy, search, search, search. But when you get it right, oh what joy. I just hope someone is up there helping me. If so, I think it's Linda, cause she was just getting interested in doing her Family History before she died. We had planned to come to Salt Lake and do some reseach in April and she passed away in February.

Well, the family is growing and it makes me feel good to see that we're finally getting some girls coming down. I''m getting the itch to sew again, we'll see how successful I am. I've got patterns already and now to organize the time.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At Last

Well at last I got my internet working again. I can't believe I was without it for so long, it's almost like not having a phone.

So yesterday I had a Bronchscope done at the hospital and if I get it right Dr. Farrukh said he took a biopsy of my lung to try to find out why I cough so much. Also , he said he wants me to have a sleep study done for Sleep Apnea. I hope I can get that done soon. Well things are happening, right? I guess I can't be without doctor visits anymore, I think I've been to the doctor for one thing or another more in the last three months than I had before in the past 5 years.

I figure, if I want to continue serving the Lord the best I can, then I have to take care of myself and do what the doctors say now. I sure don't like going to the doctor but what the heck, if they can get me to keep going as I have in the past, then why not.

I appreciate Regina being there for me when it comes to my health and I need her advise and encouragement, thanks Regina for taking time out from your busy life to be there for me.

It's pretty quiet here in this house, but I keep busy putting things away from the move from downstairs and I still have more to bring up, but it's looking pretty good down there and should be ready for painting soon.

had a great time at Lisa's for Thanksgiving and look forward to going to Theresa's for Christmas and the time I can spend with my family. I wish the boys can be here, it would make it complete. Gee, I love my kids.