Thursday, October 28, 2010


I guess it's been awhile since I've posted anything, so let me catch up. Lisa, I started writing in the journal book you gave me. It might take some time for me to think of how to answer the questions you wrote. Okay so that's one thing I've done. Now to talk about what's going on here at home. Vivian will be going into an assisted living apartment next month and I'm staying here to watch over the house until Scott can get it ready to sell, so I guess I'll be here for a few more months. I'm so glad I'm doing better on my coughing, so that I'm able to control it during the times I'm at the Temple and FHL. The doctor is still concerned about the saturations levels in my blood so that will have to be taken care of, but I don't know how yet. I know the Lord is aware and that knowledge calms my heart. I just love the service I can give to the Lord right now. My kids are a big help with encouraging me in my life and I need it. Thanks.

I found my good friend Don Taylor on facebook and he just hasn't changed with his great humor. He's such a fun person and I love hearing from him. Love you Don!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I just love the experiences I have working at the Temple. Yesterday all the newly appointed Temple Presidents did at session at the Salt Lake Temple and I was able to be there when they all came down from the session. Couples from all over the world were there and I met one sister who will be serving with her husband in one of the Temples in Mexico, what a thrill for me. Elder Scott was there as well.

Tuesday when I was at the Library, a couple came in that were visiting from Mexico, and wanted to find out what we had on the lady's grandparents in Mexico. They were not members of the church and after getting to know her a little she told me her grandparents were members but not her mother and she said she had a nephew who was a member and had served a mission and was an active member. Oh, how the Lord works in mysterious ways. I told her there was a way she could even find her great grandparents through the Library Catalog and then Elder Moon came and showed us how to get some info online. That was facinating and the lady was astonished that we had so much to help her. We told her that she could also do some of the research at home on her own computer and showed them how to get on. Her husband was very interested. Then before leaving she asked if they could take a picture of us with them there at the Library so she could send to her nephew. We took the picture and I thought, isn't this the beginning of something great. I just love this work.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Proud

I just read the comments that my girls wrote about me. Today is my 75th birthday and I spent the day working at the Temple in Salt Lake and isn't that the best place to be on this day??

Tonight I received calls from my children to wish me a great day and then I got so many emails from family and friends as well. Then before retiring I looked at the blogs that my girls have and they mentioned my birthday and wrote so many neat things and so to me I'm just so proud to be their mom, and a mom to just about the best kids in the world.

Someday when I leave this world, I will leave with all the memories my children have given me that have enriched my earthly life. That may sound kind of spooky to some, speaking of leaving this world, but it isn't to me. That's cause we have the gospel of Jesus Christ as the center of our lives which gives us the true meaning of why we're here and where we go after this life.

I'm just so grateful for the opportunities to serve my Savior in the things I center my life with these days. I just love working at the Temple and the Family History Library each two days a week. This is a great life and I'm so excited to be here and have the experiences I enjoy.

Thank you, Lisa, Regina and Theresa for the tribute you've given me, and all I can say is, " Is that really me????"